Resources for Seniors and their Families

Below are links for helpful organizations and resources for seniors and their families. These are for informational purposes only and do not represent an endorsement by (or for) Sunvalley Chateau Pacifica Eldelry Care Homes.


City of Pacifica
The City of Pacifica is committed to providing services and programs for older adults which meets their needs, maintains and enhances the quality of their lives, and reduces isolation. Programs and services are provided at the Pacifica Community Center, which houses a multi-purpose senior center.

The center provides congregate and nutrition lunch program, transportation, information and referral services, multiple classes/clubs, entertainment and volunteer opportunities. Meals on Wheels are prepared and delivered from this facility. A gift shop with homemade items is located in the senior lounge area.

Diablo Valley Foundation for the Aging
Diablo Valley and Walnut Creek area elderly care resources for finance and care. "Quality of life as you age requires a firm foundation: health care, money management and the support to implement your plans. Our mission is to provide that support as your professional relative, enabling you to live with optimal independence and freedom."

The Alzheimer's Association
The Alzheimer’s Association works on a global, national and local level to enhance care and support for all those affected by Alzheimer’s and related dementias. We are here to help.

The Alzheimer's Disease Education and Referral (ADEAR) Center
ADEAR provides a wealth of information concerning Alzheimer's disease" for health professionals, people with AD and their families, and the public.

The Alzheimer's Foundation of America
The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America strives to provide optimal elderly care and services to seniors confronting dementia, and to their caregivers and families, to improve the quality of senior living.

American Heart Association’s Delicious Decisions
AHA provides information on healthy diets and senior friendly exercise.

FDA Information for Seniors
The FDA has numerous articles, brochures and other publications with information for older people on a wide range of health issues, including arthritis, cancer, health fraud, and nutrition.

The Geriatric Mental Health Foundation
The GMHF raises awareness of psychiatric and mental health disorders affecting the elderly and helps to promote healthy aging strategies. This Web site provides mental health information for older adults and their families, including assistance in finding a geriatric psychiatrist.


Long-term care includes a variety of services and supports to meet health or personal care needs over an extended period of time. The National Clearinghouse for Long-Term Care Information Website provides information and resources to help you and your family plan for future long-term care.

National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization
The National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO) is committed to improving end-of-life care and expanding access to hospice care with the goal of profoundly enhancing quality of life for dying people and their loved ones.

Caring From a Distance (CFAD)
This nonprofit organization provides information for local resources and emergency planning while caring for someone from a distance.

Help Guide provides articles on the topics of Mental Health, Family Relationships, Aging and Elderly/Senior Care.

Elder Law
Elder Law focuses on senior living issues revolving around estate planning, health care, housing and other financial considerations. Elder-care attorneys function as a single source for advice, information and execution of these issues and their solutions.

NIH Senior Health
The National Institute of Health’s Senior Health Web is a great source for elderly care revolving around health, diet and lifestyle.

Family Caregiver Alliance 
FCA offers a wealth of information on care strategies, stress relief, community resources, family issues and hands-on care.